eXcelon Corporation and Collego Corporation announced a strategic business and technical alliance aimed at companies who are reengineering their electronic catalog strategies. Under terms of the agreement, eXcelon and Collego will integrate their respective products and services. eXcelon’s B2B Portal Server and Supplier Connect will enable Internet sellers to connect and automate e-market transactions with the customer’s existing back-office systems and business processes. The Atomic Catalog from Collego allows customers to easily build and deliver dynamic eCatalogs for multiple selling channels. The combined solution is being marketed to Fortune 1,000 companies with complex product offerings. eXcelon’s B2B infrastructure products and services offer suppliers bi-directional automation between internal systems and multiple online markets. Internal automation capabilities enable a supplier to build sophisticated, computer-driven processes that streamline interaction with multiple markets by removing the need for inefficient email and fax communication to process eMarket orders. External automation provides suppliers with new online selling capabilities, such as the ability to provide eMarket customers with more detailed product information, personalized corporate pricing and pre- and post-sales customer support. Atomic Catalog from Collego is a multi-purpose e-catalog management application that provides the scale, flexibility and ease of use to drive down product information management costs and speed time to market. With Atomic Catalog, business managers can leverage existing product information to create, organize and distribute high quality electronic catalogs to multiple destinations quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Atomic Catalog enables businesses to solve the many-to-many problem for mass customizing detailed product information. www.collego.com, www.excelon.com