Active Navigation, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Portal Maximizer 2, a content management and search solution that enables enterprise intranets and portals to go beyond typical searching capabilities. Portal Maximizer 2 automatically categorizes and analyzes content and provides advanced navigation capabilities to help companies overcome the time it takes for employees, customers and partners to find the information they need. Building on technology for automatic cross-referencing of content in the first release, Portal Maximizer 2 adds four new features — categorization of content; immediate identification of related documents; enhanced search; and the ability to summarize documents on the fly. Active Navigation’s solution also integrates with existing publishing workflow solutions and site security policies. Portal Maximizer 2 analyzes content to identify the most important concepts. The content is then automatically indexed and linked on the fly without any HTML coding. Active Navigation’s solution shrinks the volumes of unrelated results typical of search engines, while quickly providing users with access to untapped information that is often lost in the masses of content on Web portals and corporate intranets. Enterprises and eBusinesses with existing enterprise portals or intranets can both expand the reach and significantly lower the cost of managing sites with Portal Maximizer 2. The new “related documents” feature tracks down other pages that address the same topics, and dynamically updates the document with links as new information is made available. The enhanced search functionality has an automatic drill down feature that typically enables users to find what they want in three clicks. In addition, the newly integrated and enhanced “summarization” feature offers thorough summaries of found and related documents resulting from a search. Portal Maximizer 2 runs on the Windows NT/2000, Solaris, and Linux platforms and is available immediately for an average cost of $75,000 per server.