Sybase, Inc. announced a marketing alliance with Document Sciences Corporation. Through the alliance, Document Sciences Corporation will offer Sybase Enterprise Portal Customers rapid application development tools (RAD) for dynamic Web and print Content Automation of eProposals, eStatements, and eCorrespondence. The Sybase Enterprise Portal is an enterprise portal that offers continuous availability. It cradles the key functions of integration and personalization in an environment of continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Built in are core portal components like content management, personalization, content retrieval and an extensive array of integration options for data, events and applications. Also included is systems management, a security framework that encompasses all elements of the portal and a meta-data repository. Document Sciences’ family of RAD tools for delivering personalized, compliant data-rich content via Web or print includes DLS Enterprise, for delivering regulated document applications such as insurance policies and contracts; DLS Web Express, for instant web or print delivery of proposals and quotes; and soon-to-be-released Visual CompuSet Professional Web Designer, for building personalized portal applications for high-value financial account management.,