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IXOS Announces IXOS-eCON Solution Suite, Support for SharePoint

IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced the “IXOS-eCON Solution Suite” consisting of four products that are modular, easily integrated and web-enabled. Additionally, IXOS introduced new product initiatives including innovative document management solutions for the Microsoft GroupWare platform, Exchange, as well as the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and integrated document solutions for CRM systems from SAP and Siebel. The IXOS-eCON Solution Suite is comprised of four products: IXOS-eCONserver ensures the management of enterprise-wide data and documents; IXOS-eCONtext allows the management of documents within their business context; IXOS-eCONtent offers enhanced document management solutions for groupware applications; and IXOS-eCONcert provides a new, universal document portal solution. All of the Solution Suite components utilize Internet technologies such as Java and XML. With its new product IXOS-eCONtent for MS Exchange, IXOS introduces a document management system based on the Microsoft groupware platform. IXOS-eCONtent for Microsoft Exchange provides document management solutions that are integrated with the Microsoft Office and groupware systems. IXOS-eCONtent provides a secure path for migration to a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The new versions of IXOS-eCONserver and IXOS-eCONtent for Microsoft Exchange are designed to integrate with the Microsoft Web Storage System, which is an important component of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. IXOS-eCONcert is available immediately worldwide.

IntraNet Solutions Partners With iSyndicate

IntraNet Solutions, Inc., announced it has formed a strategic marketing alliance with iSyndicate. The alliance provides IntraNet Solutions’ Xpedio Content Management customers with access to more than 1,800 digital content and information sources worldwide, including The New York Times, UPI, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, and Using iSyndicate’s administrative interface, site administrators select content types to download. iSyndicate’s content catalog is then published in XML to Xpedio, providing customers with seamless access to this business content through the Xpedio-published site. Customers are also provided with full text search, meta data tagging and archiving capabilities.,

UnitSpace Launches Online Content Management Tool for Business Managers

UnitSpace Corporation announced the launch of its e-content portal and tools, which will enable companies to create and successfully manage their online businesses. Combining front-end visualization with back-end structures, UnitSpace gives business managers and online marketers an easy and inexpensive way to organize their online content, putting at their fingertips the ability to create sales and marketing materials, catalogues, product descriptions, dynamic showcases and other e-business applications using “click, drag and drop” technology. UnitSpace’s software allows e-marketplaces to enhance marketplace participants’ information and provide more efficiency for e-procurement, distribution marketplaces, industrial and consumer auctions. UnitSpace’s partnership with leading suppliers of visual formats allows users to create powerful rich content front-end environments.

OASIS to Develop XML Spec for Managing Business Transactions

OASIS has formed a new technical committee to develop an XML-based protocol for managing complex, B2B transactions over the Internet. The OASIS Business Transactions Technical Committee plans to build an open specification for XML message interfaces that will support the coordination and processing of Web services from different organizations. The new OASIS committee initially plans to base its work on the Business Transaction Protocol (BTP) specification, submitted to the Consortium by BEA Systems. BTP allows complex XML message exchanges to be tracked and managed as loosely coupled `conversations’ between businesses. OASIS welcomes the submission of other suitable technologies for consideration in this work. Organizations and individuals interested in business transaction issues are invited to join the OASIS Business Transactions Technical Committee and participate in this development. Information on Consortium membership can be found on

Percussion & YourCompass Integrate Content Management & Personalization

Percussion Software announced a technology partnership with YourCompass to jointly market an integrated content management solution that enables companies to more effectively target products and content based on individuals’ navigation through a Web site. Working together, Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager, a native XML content management system, and YourCompass’ True Personalization, a behavior-based recommendation engine, will enable clients to efficiently create, manage, and publish finely tuned, on-target content to their online customers using any browser or wireless device. YourCompass offers behavior-based personalization technology that integrates quickly so e-commerce and content-based sites can begin generating highly targeted, dynamic product and content recommendations within days. YourCompass’ True North suite of products and services provides personalized recommendations on a single site through True Personalization; networked personalization for online retailers and their affiliates through True Network; and Web-based site usage reporting through True Sight.,

FileNET & Plumtree Announce Alliance

FileNET Corp. and Plumtree Software announced an alliance to integrate FileNET’s Panagon eProcess Services and Content Management software into the Plumtree Corporate Portal known as Plumtree Portal Gadgets. Plumtree Portal Gadgets are distributed portal components that retrieve the most useful information and services from enterprise applications and the Internet. Users of the Plumtree Corporate Portal can now search FileNET content libraries for documents, open and work with these documents within the portal, and have their personal, role-based workflows routed to them through the portal. Soft Cell has integrated FileNET’s technology into the Plumtree Corporate Portal as Plumtree Portal Gadgets. The gadgets are available for sale from partner Soft Cell and will soon be available from the Plumtree Gadget Factory. The Plumtree Gadget Suite for FileNET consists of Panagon Content Service gadgets and a Panagon eProcess Services gadget. The Panagon Content Service gadgets include: Panagon simple search gadget: allows user to search the FileNET repository for content in any stage of the workflow process. Content in the gadget is available for viewing and check-in/check-out. The search result set can be personalized to show a maximum number of documents and to sort documents by item ID, title, or date added; Panagon advanced search gadget: allows user to define an advanced search on all system and custom properties; and, Panagon stored search selection gadget: allows user to reuse stored searches in the Panagon Content Services repository. The Panagon eProcess gadget allows employees to see their tasks, select and work on the tasks routed to them, view the user names of co-workers who have checked out content and launch the work items they select.,,

Tacit ESP Brings People to Corporate Portals

Tacit Knowledge Systems, Inc. announced the availability of “Tacit ESP (Expertise Search for Portals),” a new product designed to help companies manage business complexity more effectively by delivering the full human ingenuity of the enterprise through a corporate portal. Tacit ESP is a simple expertise automation solution that installs alongside an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), infers expertise from published content, and adds “people search” capabilities to the portal. By putting “people in the portal,” portal users can access the expertise of others when the content in the portal alone does not fully address their needs. Tacit ESP Plus adds the capability to “profile” expertise using profile management facilities. The Tacit Expertise Portlet (for Lotus Development Corporation’s K-Station) combines expertise with the portal’s information and focuses on “people-to-people” connections. The Tacit Expertise Gadget (for the Plumtree Corporate Portal) combines expertise with the portal’s information to ensure that all of the enterprise’s available resources are made available to every individual through a single point of access. Tacit KnowledgeMail 2.0 delivers full expertise automation through tight integration with enterprise e-mail, Web Browsers, and the Windows Desktop; and Tacit Expertise Toolkit allows corporate and commercial application developers to access the Tacit Server to develop custom Web-based or proprietary expertise automation solutions through XML APIs. The software is sold on a server and client-access basis. Enterprise pricing is available.

Trapezo & eBT Align to Provide Content Management & Syndication

Trapezo announced an alliance with eBT to provide a content management, integration and syndication application. The enterprise-scale application will target Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies to streamline and simplify content management for their online content and commerce partnerships. Trapezo and eBT’s alliance offers a content management application that will combine eBT’s engenda, an XML-based content management and workflow automation solution, with Trapezo’s Partner Fusion Platform, a hosted application enabling clients to easily integrate external content while syndicating their own. The content management applications’ existing compatibility will drive content anywhere partnerships are established: intranets, extranets, the Web, Email, and over wireless devices and PDA’s. Future plans include seamlessly integrating the solution between platforms, collaborative sales initiatives, and mutual marketing activities.,

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