IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced the “IXOS-eCON Solution Suite” consisting of four products that are modular, easily integrated and web-enabled. Additionally, IXOS introduced new product initiatives including innovative document management solutions for the Microsoft GroupWare platform, Exchange, as well as the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and integrated document solutions for CRM systems from SAP and Siebel. The IXOS-eCON Solution Suite is comprised of four products: IXOS-eCONserver ensures the management of enterprise-wide data and documents; IXOS-eCONtext allows the management of documents within their business context; IXOS-eCONtent offers enhanced document management solutions for groupware applications; and IXOS-eCONcert provides a new, universal document portal solution. All of the Solution Suite components utilize Internet technologies such as Java and XML. With its new product IXOS-eCONtent for MS Exchange, IXOS introduces a document management system based on the Microsoft groupware platform. IXOS-eCONtent for Microsoft Exchange provides document management solutions that are integrated with the Microsoft Office and groupware systems. IXOS-eCONtent provides a secure path for migration to a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The new versions of IXOS-eCONserver and IXOS-eCONtent for Microsoft Exchange are designed to integrate with the Microsoft Web Storage System, which is an important component of the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. IXOS-eCONcert is available immediately worldwide. www.ixos.com