FileNET Corp. and Plumtree Software announced an alliance to integrate FileNET’s Panagon eProcess Services and Content Management software into the Plumtree Corporate Portal known as Plumtree Portal Gadgets. Plumtree Portal Gadgets are distributed portal components that retrieve the most useful information and services from enterprise applications and the Internet. Users of the Plumtree Corporate Portal can now search FileNET content libraries for documents, open and work with these documents within the portal, and have their personal, role-based workflows routed to them through the portal. Soft Cell has integrated FileNET’s technology into the Plumtree Corporate Portal as Plumtree Portal Gadgets. The gadgets are available for sale from partner Soft Cell and will soon be available from the Plumtree Gadget Factory. The Plumtree Gadget Suite for FileNET consists of Panagon Content Service gadgets and a Panagon eProcess Services gadget. The Panagon Content Service gadgets include: Panagon simple search gadget: allows user to search the FileNET repository for content in any stage of the workflow process. Content in the gadget is available for viewing and check-in/check-out. The search result set can be personalized to show a maximum number of documents and to sort documents by item ID, title, or date added; Panagon advanced search gadget: allows user to define an advanced search on all system and custom properties; and, Panagon stored search selection gadget: allows user to reuse stored searches in the Panagon Content Services repository. The Panagon eProcess gadget allows employees to see their tasks, select and work on the tasks routed to them, view the user names of co-workers who have checked out content and launch the work items they select.,,