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WordPress 3.1.1 Released

Word press has announced the release of WordPress 3.1.1, the latest edition of their flagship blogging and web content management service. This maintenance and security release fixes almost thirty issues in 3.1, including: Some security hardening to media uploadsl Performance improvements; Fixes for IIS6 support; Fixes for taxonomy and PATHINFO (/index.php/) permalinks; Fixes for various query and taxonomy edge cases that caused some plugin compatibility issues.

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Atex Launches Tablet Publishing Solution

Atex announced its new Tablet Publishing solution designed to help media companies produce tablet editions using existing staff, skills and systems. In addition to having design for tablets in mind, Atex Tablet editions are also lightweight, making them quicker to download and easier to navigate. Atex Tablet Publishing combines app navigation (scrolling, tapping, etc.) with a user experience developed using HTML5. This approach allows media companies to design editions with hyperlinks, videos and other Web features. There are no bulky PDF files or formats that take minutes to download. By designing the Atex solution in HTML5, Atex ensures that tablet editions will be available on a wide variety of platforms, including the iPad and Android-based devices. For tablet production, Atex Tablet Publishing integrates with existing editorial infrastructures, for multi-purpose content across print and digital products. Article templates are designed for automatic placement on tablet pages. Support for layout-driven workflow and WSYIWYG editing streamlines the content creating and revision process for teasers, headlines and other write-to-fit elements. Editors can review their tablet pages and layouts from a browser, which previews the look-and-feel of the tablet edition. Atex Tablet Publishing is available under the Atex hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model or as an on-premise solution.

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Report: How Marketers Manage Multilingual Content

New Research from Outsell Gilbane Reveals How Marketers Manage Multilingual Content

Study from Outsell’s Gilbane Services explains what works and what doesn’t forleading global companies
April 5, 2011, Cambridge, MA—Outsell’s Gilbane Services today released its new study on content globalization practices, Multilingual Marketing Content: Growing International Business with Global Content Value Chains. Outsell believes this report is the first study ever of global companies’ practices for managing multilingual content for marketing.
“Enormous pressures are squeezing today’s global marketers and brand managers to grow international revenue,” said Pep Carrera, senior vice president, technology solutions for Rapp, one of the largest multichannel marketing services networks in the world. “The report from Outsell’s Gilbane Services provides useful insights for any manager dealing with the quality issues, technologies, and costs of multilingual marketing.”
Written by Outsell Gilbane analysts Vince Emery, Karl Kadie and Mary Laplante, Multilingual Marketing Content is based on original primary research aggregating the real-world experiences of organizations that compete in multinational markets. The report describes approaches to increasing the value of content as a key component of strategic brand management and marketing communications, citing examples where industry leaders have succeeded and failed. Four of the key findings explored in the report include:
  • Many companies’ strategies and infrastructure for multilingual marketing content are relatively immature compared to those for non-marketing content.
  • Many marketing projects are, in effect, experiments, with no clear definition of how they will deliver business value.Marketers are being pulled to improve their multilingual marketing content operations by a burning need to enhance the global customer experience.
  • Businesses that improved their marketing content globalization results quickly and cost-effectively have done so by leveraging the infrastructure already in place for product content.

 “We expect that our report Multilingual Marketing Content will be valuable for brand and marketing managers, business executives, content strategists, and language professionals who deal with multinational marketing,” said Mary Laplante, vice president and lead analyst, Outsell’s Gilbane Services.

Multilingual Marketing Content is available as a free download from The report is also available from study sponsors Across Systems, ADAM Software, Lionbridge, and SDL. Additional insights are available from the Outsell Gilbane content globalization blog and our content globalization consultants.  

About Outsell, Inc.
Outsell is the only research and advisory firm focused on advancing the publishing and information industries. Our international team provides independent, fact-based analysis and actionable advice about competitors, markets, operational benchmarks, and best practices, so our clients thrive and grow in today’s fast-changing digital and global environment. Outsell tracks and analyzes over 7,000 information industry companies, as well as the needs, habits, and spending patterns of advertisers, enterprise information buyers, and end users. Outsell’s headquarters are in Burlingame, CA, with offices in London and in Cambridge, MA. See  

About Outsell’s Gilbane Services
Outsell’s Gilbane Services (formerly The Gilbane Group) provides analyst and consulting services focused on helping businesses with content strategies, practices, and technologies and their application to high-value business solutions. We have delivered quality market education and insight to global enterprises, governments, non-profits, publishers, and information providers since 1987. Visit us at Visit the Gilbane Boston conference site at:

Contact Information
Mary Laplante
Vice President and Lead Analyst, Outsell’s Gilbane Services

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Just Published: Outsell Gilbane Study on Multilingual Marketing Content

Our 2011 report describing the current state of practice for globalizing multilingual marketing content is available now through March 31 exclusively through study sponsors  Across Systems, ADAM Software, Lionbridge, and SDL.

Multilingual Marketing Content: Growing International Business With Global Content Value Chains features a major update of the global content value chain, Gilbane’s framework for helping companies plan and manage their globalization practices. The new value chain adds core competencies to the existing functional view of multilingual content processes, and it clearly ties the value chain to business outcomes.

Study data includes top business goals and objectives and the investments that marketing and localization managers are making in programs and initiatives that support those goals. The analysis covers what marketing organizations can learn from product content groups, who are generally further along the content globalization maturity curve.

The report will be available directly from the Gilbane website starting April 1. In the meantime, please visit a sponsor site to access the study, and check this blog for research highlights and insights.

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E-C Translation Ltd. Announces New Product, is now EC Innovations, Inc

E-C Translation Ltd., the Beijing-based, technology-driven language services provider with a mission to provide high-quality localization solutions, has announced today its re-branding to EC Innovations. In Phase One, the re-branding includes both a new name as well as a new company logo. Phase Two will include a new website and a new product launch. That new reality is reinforced by the product launch of their new, revolutionary Translation Business Management System (TBMS), a user-friendly localization project/process/business-management suite designed by localizers.

Read More to buy Radian6

Cloud-based software maker said it will buy privately held Radian6 for $326 million in cash and stock to add to its social-media monitoring products. Radian6 makes products that monitor conversations on social media sites, allowing companies to gain real-time insights on customer trends. said the combination will enhance its cloud offerings and help it integrate conversations on social media sites into its corporate social network – Chatter. Radian6, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, was founded in 2006 and had over 120 employees as of June last, according to the firm’s website.

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Amazon Launches Cloud Drive & Player, Inc. announced the launch of Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web, and Amazon Cloud Player for Android. Together, these services are aimed for customers to securely store music in the cloud and play it on any Android device, Mac or PC. Customers can upload their music library to Amazon Cloud Drive and can save any new Amazon MP3 purchases directly to their Amazon Cloud Drive for free. Store Music for Free Customers automatically start with 5 GB of Cloud Drive storage to upload their digital music library, and those who purchase an Amazon MP3 album will be upgraded to 20 GB of Cloud Drive space. New Amazon MP3 purchases saved directly to Cloud Drive are stored for free and do not count against a customer’s storage quota. Files can be stored in AAC or MP3 formats and will be uploaded to Cloud Drive in the original bit rate. Customers can hand-pick particular songs, artists, albums or playlists to upload or simply upload their entire music library. Cloud Player for Web Customers who have a computer with a Web browser can listen to their music. Cloud Player for Web currently supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for Mac, and Chrome. Cloud Player for Web lets customers manage their music with download and streaming options. Customers don’t need to worry about regularly updating software on their computer to enjoy music, and Amazon MP3 customers can continue to use iTunes and Windows Media Player to add their music to their iPods and MP3 players. Cloud Player for Android Cloud Player for Android is now bundled into the new version of the Amazon MP3 App; it includes the full Amazon MP3 Store and the mobile version of Cloud Player. Customers can use the app to play music stored on their Cloud Drive and music stored locally on their device. Features include the ability to search and browse by artist, album or song, create playlists and download music from Cloud Drive. Secure Storage Customers never need to worry about losing their music collection to a hard drive crash again. Files are securely stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and each file is uploaded to Cloud Drive in its original bit rate. Customers can buy music anywhere and know that their MP3s are safely stored in Cloud Drive and accessible from any device.  Cloud Drive allows customers to upload and store all kinds of digital files; music, photos, videos and documents can be stored securely and are available via web browser on any computer. In addition to the 5 GB of free storage, customers can purchase storage plans starting at $20 a year for 20 GB (or upgrade for 1 year with the purchase of an MP3 album).

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Marketwire Introduces eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Services

Marketwire introduced a full-service solution for eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) financial statement preparation and reporting. For companies needing to comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) XBRL mandate, this means that clients can take advantage of Marketwire’s integrated solution for regulatory compliance and combine XBRL with EDGAR filing, news release distribution, and document posting to corporate websites. Marketwire’s XBRL solution requires little technical knowledge of XBRL, and all mapping, tagging and filing is done by Marketwire’s team in collaboration with the client. Full-service features include: Analysis of financial statements and identification of the appropriate taxonomy to use, be it IFRS or US GAAP; Gap analysis performance for the creation of extension taxonomy elements; Provision of a comprehensive CPA report for review by corporate accounting; Creation of a valid instance document and other related files; clients need only review, provide feedback and approve
Full validation, preparation and submission of documentation to the appropriate audience, including the SEC’s EDGAR/IDEA database. All publicly reporting companies in US-GAAP or IFRS should report in this format starting June 2011.

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Globalization and Localization Association to Fund Standards Initiative

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), the largest international non-profit association within the language and localization industry, is launching a full-time, funded initiative to define standards for the benefit of the entire industry. The association has commissioned Arle Lommel, one of the industry’s most respected and experienced standards experts, to manage the initial collaborative planning phase and to establish a framework for long-term execution of standards. In Phase I of the initiative, Lommel will lead a transparent effort to determine how the industry can collaborate to proceed with standards. He will seek input from localization buyers and suppliers, tool developers, and various partner localization and standards organizations. He also will explore funding options for a long-term, stable standards program that is available to all in the industry. Throughout this phase GALA will provide platforms for feedback and input to the process. The first will be a standards roundtable hosted by Serge Gladkoff, GALA Board member, to take 29 March, at the GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon. The roundtable will be broadcast as a webinar worldwide and interested parties who are not at the conference will be invited to listen and comment on the proceedings. The culmination of Phase I will be an industry standards plan that will lay out what standards should be pursued, how the standards will be developed in an open and unbiased way, and how the ongoing standards initiative can be funded by the industry.

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XBRL International Offers New Direct Membership Option

XBRL International, Inc. (XII) announced an expanded membership structure that allows corporations, associations, NGOs, regulatory bodies, government agencies, not-for-profits and others the option to directly join the XBRL International consortium, the global standards organization that develops the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) standard and advocates its adoption. In January 2011, XII launched its Abstract Modelling Task Force to build a common blueprint for software architects, engineers and developers to use as they create XBRL-enabled solutions to meet the growing uses of XBRL. No Magic, Inc., a software modeling provider, is a Partner supporting that effort. From time to time, XII creates additional technical working groups to support development and adoption of the standard. In addition to direct members at the international level, XII also maintains a global network of local market jurisdiction members in more than 30 countries. Each jurisdiction is generally comprised of member organizations that include regulators, government agencies, for profit corporations, not-for-profits, associations and academics.

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