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Adobe Introduces Creative Suite 5.5; Subscription Pricing

Adobe has introduced Creative Suite 5.5, a bundled package that offers all of Adobe’s designing and editing software in a single package. Adobe also planning to offer software rental options, allowing individuals to rent Adobe software, as well as plans for enterprise and student users. The Flash maker is considering offering its software to rent both on an annual basis, paid monthly, or a (more expensive) month-to-month payment plan. Rented software will check into Adobe servers every 30 days in order to check the credit card being used by the user is still valid and to make an automatic payment. If the card is not valid or has been removed by the user, the user gets a 5-day grace period for making the payments after which the software will cease to operate.

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EndPlay Launches With New Solution

EndPlay, Inc., formerly Canvas Technology Inc., unveiled a new name and strategy to deliver a new WCM (Web Content Management) solution. The EndPlay platform currently powers the various websites of broadcast television stations in the U.S. The EndPlay platform is designed to handle large amounts of video content, text, social and other dynamic information. As its WCM solution evolves, EndPlay will partner with companies to manage the full spectrum of media publishing and monetization needs. EndPlay will be releasing its first major commercial product in Q4 of 2011. The EndPlay architecture is powered by Intelligent Rendering technology, which allows clients to create media-rich content, generate and distribute it on various devices, and put tools in place to easily monetize that content. Three key technology components make Intelligent Rendering possible: Intelligent Composition enables clients to generate media-rich content and generate and distribute it on virtually any device; Intelligent Monetization is EndPlay’s combination of analytics, advertising modules and registration services, and partnerships in areas such as e-commerce, contextual advertising, ad serving, analytics and search; Intelligent Delivery ensures that this content is delivered in real-time, in a format that is customized to the receiving device; The EndPlay WCM platform is a transformational approach to the needs of today’s demanding media and enterprise clients; EndPlay WCM utilizes a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.

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LinkedIn Revamps API Platform

 LinkedIn has announced an upgraded javascript Developer Platform. New features available to web publishers and developers now include: The plugins include: Sign In with LinkedIn; Share button; Member Profile, which brings LinkedIn profiles to your site; Full Member Profile, which brings larger, more detailed LinkedIn profiles to your site; Company Profile, which displays key company info at-a-glance; Company Insider, which shows rich company data from several different views; and Recommend, a button which enables users to recommend your products and drive traffic back to you.

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iBuildApp for iPad: Free Mobile Digital Publishing Interface

The iBuildApp solution has templates, is automated, and totally free to create and update, and will be integrated with blogging and CMS platforms for easy publishing. The fully functional publishing app takes just 2-3 hours to create and publish content. Just copy/paste content into pre-made templates for the iPad or add media from other CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. To integrate it requires snippets of code from iBuildApp to be inserted into the CMS code. By using this service, publishers can focus on their content and leave the formatting, publishing and distribution to iBuildapp. The finished product is built automatically by iBuildApp’s platform and all of the content, is hosted on our platform and can be updated quickly – Free of charge and no human intervention required.

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Nuxeo Releases BIRT Integration Package for Nuxeo ECM Applications

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform company, announced the availability of a new package in the Nuxeo Marketplace that connects Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP)-based applications and the open source Business Intelligence tool, Eclipse BIRT. The Nuxeo – BIRT Integration offers report design and access from within a Nuxeo ECM application. The Nuxeo – BIRT Integration offers integrated reporting capabilities on top of Nuxeo EP-based applications, enabling the design, rendering, and access of reports and analytics. The BIRT Engine has been integrated in Nuxeo EP, so that reporting capabilities are available without leaving the Nuxeo application, and security controls can be managed in one place. The Nuxeo – BIRT Integration package is available on the Nuxeo Marketplace.

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WordPress 3.1.1 Released

Word press has announced the release of WordPress 3.1.1, the latest edition of their flagship blogging and web content management service. This maintenance and security release fixes almost thirty issues in 3.1, including: Some security hardening to media uploadsl Performance improvements; Fixes for IIS6 support; Fixes for taxonomy and PATHINFO (/index.php/) permalinks; Fixes for various query and taxonomy edge cases that caused some plugin compatibility issues.

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Atex Launches Tablet Publishing Solution

Atex announced its new Tablet Publishing solution designed to help media companies produce tablet editions using existing staff, skills and systems. In addition to having design for tablets in mind, Atex Tablet editions are also lightweight, making them quicker to download and easier to navigate. Atex Tablet Publishing combines app navigation (scrolling, tapping, etc.) with a user experience developed using HTML5. This approach allows media companies to design editions with hyperlinks, videos and other Web features. There are no bulky PDF files or formats that take minutes to download. By designing the Atex solution in HTML5, Atex ensures that tablet editions will be available on a wide variety of platforms, including the iPad and Android-based devices. For tablet production, Atex Tablet Publishing integrates with existing editorial infrastructures, for multi-purpose content across print and digital products. Article templates are designed for automatic placement on tablet pages. Support for layout-driven workflow and WSYIWYG editing streamlines the content creating and revision process for teasers, headlines and other write-to-fit elements. Editors can review their tablet pages and layouts from a browser, which previews the look-and-feel of the tablet edition. Atex Tablet Publishing is available under the Atex hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model or as an on-premise solution.

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Just Published: Outsell Gilbane Study on Multilingual Marketing Content

Our 2011 report describing the current state of practice for globalizing multilingual marketing content is available now through March 31 exclusively through study sponsors  Across Systems, ADAM Software, Lionbridge, and SDL.

Multilingual Marketing Content: Growing International Business With Global Content Value Chains features a major update of the global content value chain, Gilbane’s framework for helping companies plan and manage their globalization practices. The new value chain adds core competencies to the existing functional view of multilingual content processes, and it clearly ties the value chain to business outcomes.

Study data includes top business goals and objectives and the investments that marketing and localization managers are making in programs and initiatives that support those goals. The analysis covers what marketing organizations can learn from product content groups, who are generally further along the content globalization maturity curve.

The report will be available directly from the Gilbane website starting April 1. In the meantime, please visit a sponsor site to access the study, and check this blog for research highlights and insights.

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E-C Translation Ltd. Announces New Product, is now EC Innovations, Inc

E-C Translation Ltd., the Beijing-based, technology-driven language services provider with a mission to provide high-quality localization solutions, has announced today its re-branding to EC Innovations. In Phase One, the re-branding includes both a new name as well as a new company logo. Phase Two will include a new website and a new product launch. That new reality is reinforced by the product launch of their new, revolutionary Translation Business Management System (TBMS), a user-friendly localization project/process/business-management suite designed by localizers.

Read More to buy Radian6

Cloud-based software maker said it will buy privately held Radian6 for $326 million in cash and stock to add to its social-media monitoring products. Radian6 makes products that monitor conversations on social media sites, allowing companies to gain real-time insights on customer trends. said the combination will enhance its cloud offerings and help it integrate conversations on social media sites into its corporate social network – Chatter. Radian6, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, was founded in 2006 and had over 120 employees as of June last, according to the firm’s website.

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