RWS, a provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property solutions, announced the launch of Trados Studio 2024. The latest version of the computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool addresses the evolving needs of users on multiple fronts with access to new AI capabilities, enhanced accessibility features and multiple usability improvements:

New AI capabilities: Trados Studio 2024 gives users access to a range of AI features that help them to work smarter and produce higher quality translations. One of these is Trados Copilot – AI Assistant which brings generative translation capabilities to every user, allowing them to harness Large Language Models (LLMs) in a variety of ways to assist translation. 

New accessibility features: With the accessible, feature-rich CAT tool, the ability to complete a project with screen readers, visually impaired users can now create and manage projects, perform translation and generate target files easily. These advancements in accessibility help create equal opportunities for all and also improve usability and productivity across the supply chain. 

Improved cloud and desktop alignment: Along with hundreds of enhancements, RWS has released a new Manager view, providing a more unified way to work with files and projects in a single window with a clean, modern interface.