Acrolinx, experts in SaaS enterprise content governance, launched new generative AI capabilities to maximize productivity benefits while mitigating risks that AI poses. After a successful Beta program with over 20 enterprise customers, Get Suggestions, AI Assistant, and AI Guardrails are publicly available for organizations to use AI confidently and securely. 

Get Suggestions accelerates the writing and editing phase of content creation. With Get Suggestions, most content improvement recommendations have clickable fixes to align content to complex enterprise standards. Get Suggestions saves writers and editors time, as well as improves content quality based on your organization’s own style guide and content compliance needs. 

AI Assistant accelerates the ideation phase of the writing process. With AI Assistant, content is generated that’s already aligned with your company’s writing standards. Writers get a chatbot experience to request the generation of content.

AI Guardrails for your content makes sure that AI-generated writing is compliant with standards in private deployments of LLMs. AI Guardrails for content standards ensures only high-quality content is used for fine-tuning LLMs, checks the quality of AI-generated content before it’s presented to writers, stops low-quality content from getting published, and checks the quality of content already published.