AtScale, a provider of semantic layer solutions for analytics and Generative AI, today announced the public preview of the AtScale Developer Community Edition. This free downloadable version of AtScale’s semantic layer platform allows users to build and share semantic models to democratize analytics. The Developer Community Edition serves as a Universal Semantic Hub, allowing semantic models to be distributed to various AI/BI tools, promoting a connected data environment. Features include:

  • Semantic Modeling Language – An object-oriented modeling language called the semantic modeling language (SML) was introduced to express complex business concepts. SML facilitates the sharing and reusing of composable and versionable semantic objects, supporting an analytics mesh, or hub-and-spoke governance style for users.
  • Business-Friendly Interface – Users can comprehend and analyze data without needing to know complex query languages or database knowledge.
  • Public Semantic Model GitHub Repository – AtScale Developer Community Edition adds a public GitHub repository for pre-built, reusable semantic models, helping users and the community to share, learn, and innovate together, making the benefits of analytics widely accessible. Industry-specific semantic models are readily available for use with any BI tool, offering value to companies seeking to leverage data modeling in their operations.