This week we feature articles from Vincent Koc, and Mike Dillinger.

Additional reading comes from Stanford HAI, Kunal Sawarkar, Avi Chawla, and The Linux Foundation.

News comes from Adobe, NebulaGraph, ThoughtSpot, and expert ai.

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Opinion / Analysis

The GenAI Compass: a UX framework to design generative AI experiences

Vincent Koc’s comprehensive framework is a must read for teams building GenAI applications. (17 min)

Continuous Knowledge Graphs for Neurosymbolic AI

“One blocker to more widespread deployment of knowledge graphs in AI is the belief that they are inherently a discrete form of knowledge. This is how they are often contrasted with large language models, which are described as a continuous form of knowledge. And it is a counterproductive way of characterizing these forms of knowledge representation that fundamentally misrepresents both.”

Mike Dillinger’s thoughtful and stimulating piece should be part of any discussion on the relative roles of LLMs and KGs. (8 min)

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Content technology news

Adobe adds Firefly to Adobe Express App

Adobe Express brings popular Firefly GenAI features like Text to Image, Generative Fill, Text Effects and Text to Template to mobile devices.

NebulaGraph Enterprise v5.0 offers native GQL support

Built on and designed for GQL data compatibility and interoperability to provide the business value of graph databases across various scenarios. ■

ThoughtSpot renames and adds features to ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Initiatives support developers and product builders to help their customers, partners, and employees with GenAI and embedded natural language search. launches Insight Engine for Life Sciences

Harnessing advanced AI capabilities to mine and aggregate scientific content, synthesize knowledge, extract relevant information & reveal hidden correlations.

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