Flux, a global decentralized technology company specializing in cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and decentralized storage, officially launched WordPress on its platform following a successful Beta phase that commenced in February 2023, making the most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, accessible on Flux’s decentralized infrastructure.

The backbone of this innovative offering lies in Flux’s extensive network, encompassing not only enterprise-grade nodes, but also nodes ranging from individual users to data centers, designed to guarantee peak performance for WordPress sites. This infrastructure addresses crucial web metrics such as bounce rate and conversion rates, which are significantly affected by loading speeds.

Flux’s decentralized WordPress solution offers an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable hosting option. The ease of deploying a WordPress site on Flux, demanding minimal technical expertise, ensures accessibility for a wider audience, which is reinforced by extensive support resources helping to make the technology user-friendly and empowering for all.

Key features include geolocation capabilities for optimizing site performance based on user concentration, alongside built-in redundancy to guarantee maximum availability. With a four-tiered pricing plan that competes favorably with traditional hosting services, Flux delivers web hosting for all project sizes and budgets with accessibility at its core.