This week we feature articles from Rachel Draelos, and César A. Hidalgo.

Additional reading comes from Barr Moses, Paul Baier, David DeLallo, & John J. Sviokla, Jerry Liu, and Selvan Sunitha Ravi, Rebecca Qian, Anand Kannappan, & Clémentine Fourrier.

News comes from Ontotext, Adobe, DataStax & LlamaIndex, and Acquia.

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Opinion / Analysis

ChatGPT is not a doctor

Rachel Draelos is a doctor, has a PhD in Computer Science, and believes chatbot technology has huge potential in medicine. In this wide-ranging and well-written article Dr Draelos demonstrates why that potential is a a ways off and provides some recommendations. This is an important read for patients, entrepreneurs, doctors, and LLM providers — all of whom will likely learn something. (32 min)

Is Generative AI a Bubble?

There is of course much concern about this. César A. Hidalgo makes the case that we are already in a bubble and in this quick read explains why (it’s the over supply of content not solving for attention scarcity). He remains cheery about the longer term potential. (3 min)

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Content technology news

Ontotext releases Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.7

Ontotext Metadata Studio OMDS 3.7 combines and interlinks textual knowledge with Wikidata to support developing a single, domain focused knowledge graph.

Adobe announces AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat

AI Assistant in beta builds on Acrobat Liquid Mode to further unlock document intelligence with new capabilities in Reader and Acrobat.

DataStax and LlamaIndex partner to make building RAG applications easier

New integration lets enterprise developers use DataStax RAGStack with LlamaIndex to build GenAI applications with preview of LlamaParse.

Acquia enhances brand management capabilities

New integrations for Acquia’s digital asset management solution enable marketers to reuse high-quality assets faster across digital channels.

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