MongoDB, Inc. announced five new products and features for its developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas, that make it faster and easier for customers to build modern applications, for any workload or use case. The new products and features include:

  • MongoDB Atlas Vector Search simplifies bringing generative AI and semantic search into applications for highly engaging end-user experiences.
  • MongoDB Atlas Search Nodes now provide dedicated infrastructure for search use cases so customers can scale independently of their database to manage unpredictable spikes and high-throughput workloads with greater flexibility and operational efficiency.
  • MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing transforms building event-driven applications that react and respond in real-time by unifying how developer teams work with data-in-motion and data-at-rest.
  • MongoDB Atlas Time Series collections now make time series workloads more efficient for use cases from predictive maintenance for factory equipment to automotive vehicle-fleet monitoring to financial trading platforms.
  • New multi-cloud options for MongoDB Atlas Online Archive and Atlas Data Federation enable customers to tier and query data in Microsoft Azure and in addition to Amazon Web Services.

Together, these new features for can speed up their pace of innovation by standardizing many types of workloads on a single developer data platform across the enterprise.