Drupal released Drupal 10.1, which makes customizing the look of your site easier, adds support for decoupled navigation, improves content modeling and editing, block management, performance, and more. A sample of the changes include:

  • New APIs for retrieving menus configured in Drupal using the Linkset standard.
  • Various CKEditor improvements including an autoformat feature.
  • A unified entity revision editing experience was added. This makes prior versions of content easier to manage regardless of whether they are in content blocks or nodes or other entities.
  • You can create custom blocks directly under Structure in the administrative interface. More granular permissions allow granting block management per type and revisions to block content can be reviewed and rolled back.
  • BigPipe supports serving interface previews for delayed content, which makes the user experience smoother.
  • HTML pages and AJAX responses can now be served before dynamically processed JavaScript and CSS assets have been generated.
  • The request type used for making AJAX requests can be configured allowing certain dynamic requests to be cached using render and edge caching capabilities, enabling faster response times.
  • Drupal 10.1 is also approved as a Digital Public Good (DPG) by the Digital Public Good Alliance (DPGA).