This week we feature articles from Simon Wardley, and Jakob Nielsen.

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Opinion / Analysis

Both articles this week argue that the current state of conversational programming with prompt engineering as the interface, is primitive, though directional. Simon Wardley’s post is a bit more technical, while Jakob Nielsen’s focuses on end-user usability.

Why the fuss about conversational programming

“In my last post on conversational programming I asked the reader to “get yourself ready for a world of conversational programming” but I wasn’t willing to call it for ChatGPT or the existing crop of LLMs.”

If you’re familiar with Simon Wardley, you won’t be surprised that he says we need to get to “code as maps”. Otherwise, see his previous post and perhaps some of his other links. (10 min)

AI: first new UI paradigm in 60 years

Jakob Nielsen…

“I doubt that the current set of generative AI tools (like ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) are representative of the UIs we’ll be using in a few years, because they have deep-rooted usability problems. Their problems led to the development of a new role — the prompt engineer.” (5 min)

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Content technology news

Acquia enhances digital experience platform for personalization

Enables digital experiences based on knowledge gained from a broader array of channels, using anonymous, known, and understood customer data.

Expert[.]ai expands partnership with SS&C Blue Prism

Processing unstructured language data for automation creates new potential for leveraging intelligent automation in the enterprise. ■

Optimizely introduces Content Graph

Content Graph service extends the capabilities of Optimizely’s CMS by enabling flexible content delivery across channels and applications.

Adobe adds Firefly generative AI capabilities to Illustrator

Following Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express, Illustrator is the latest Creative Cloud application to benefit from Adobe’s generative AI.

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