MadCap Software, Inc., a provider of multi-channel content authoring backed by global investment firm Battery Ventures, announced the acquisition of IXIASOFT, experts in Darwin Information Type Architecture (DITA) component content management system (CCMS) software. Together, MadCap Software and IXIASOFT will deliver solutions across the enterprise for creating, translating and delivering consistent, up-to-date content tailored for different users’ roles.

MadCap Software has been a key player in the evolution of solutions for authoring modern documentation portals, employee training materials, user guides, and more, all from a single source for any format, including online, mobile and print.

IXIASOFT provides solutions for creating structured content critical for ensuring accurate use and safety, such as product guides and operations manuals for healthcare systems, manufacturing equipment, hardware and software, among others. IXIASOFT has been streamlining the production of DITA-compliant technical documentation since DITA was created. IXIASOFT’s enterprise CCMS has attracted an broad customer base using their on-premise and cloud-based offerings.

IXIASOFT is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MadCap Software. In addition to its headquarters in Montreal, IXIASOFT has operations in France, Germany and Japan, which will further extend MadCap Software’s global presence.