This week we feature articles by Stephen Wolfram, and Mark Wyner.

Additional reading from Steve Nouri, James Vincent, and Steve Nadis.

News comes from TerminusDB, Acquia, PayloadCMS, and Stilo.

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Opinion / Analysis

What is ChatGPT doing … and why does it work?

Last week’s featured article by Ted Chiang used a familiar analogy to somewhat demystify why ChatGPT appears to work well while sometimes going off the rails. This week Stephen Wolfram explains what is actually going on under the covers. This is a long (75 min) read, but fascinating, well-written, and guaranteed to make you smarter about large language models in general.

Hashtag accessibility, by everyone for everyone

Every hashtag on every post on every platform should always be pascal case (a.k.a. camel case). There are a number of reasons why this is important, the most notable being that screen readers have a hard time with conjoined words.

Mark Wyner illustrates why this is a no-brainer (4 min).

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Content technology news

TerminusDB launches TerminusCMS

The open-source, headless, developer-focused content management system (CMS) is built on an RDF graph database that connects JSON documents into a graph.

Acquia announces new CDP features, pricing tiers, and delivery options

Acquia CDP supports composable customer experience and data strategies through integrations with Acquia DXP and third-party marketing products.

Payload releases CMS version 1.6.0

In addition to optimizing the TypeScript interface of the Local API, the entire API has gotten a significant overhaul.

Stilo management buys out Stilo Corporation

Acquisition transfers all IP, trademarks, and customer contracts and XML software products: OmniMark, Migrate, OptimizeR, and Analyzer.

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