This week we feature articles by Tony Seale, Dan McCreary, and Jon Udell.

Additional reading from Sayash Kapoor & Arvind Narayanan, Tim Bray, Steven Levy, and Anastasia Prokhorova.

News comes from Squirro & Semantic Web Company, Datadobi, Acquia, and Drupal.

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Opinion / Analysis

Building your own

Data integration is rarely easy for any organization, but is a functional requirement that grows in complexity and cost as data and data applications ineluctably increase. Tony Seale explains how you can manage both these problems by inverting the data integration problem within your organization with a model inspired by Seale, who has been building decentralized knowledge graphs for years and is currently doing so at UBS, packs a lot into this post at (8 min).

Systems thinking for knowledge management

We have recommended a number of articles by Dan McCreary on enterprise knowledge graphs. In this post McCreary looks at

… how we can use Systems Thinking to understand the dynamics of building your organization’s collective intelligence. We will review the key Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs) as models we use to understand organizational knowledge capture and retention. Then we describe how we can use these models… (12 min).

Autonomy, packet size, friction, fanout, and velocity

Interesting framing on the fediverse from Jon Udell (<2 min).

Nostalgia is a dangerous drug and it’s always risky to wallow in it. So those of us who fondly remember the early blogosphere, and now want to draw parallels to the fediverse, should do so carefully. But we do want to learn from history. Here’s one way to compare five generations of social software along the five dimensions named in the title of this post.

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Content technology news

Squirro partners with the Semantic Web Company

Joint proposition combines NLP and ML with knowledge graphs to intelligently augment enterprise decision-making.

Acquia readies support for Drupal 10

Acquia has contributed all updates required to make Acquia CMS compatible with Drupal 10 back to the Drupal community.

Datadobi introduces StorageMAP 6.3

Enables companies to archive, pipeline, and replicate unstructured data to object storage on-premises or in the cloud without lock-in.

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