Umbraco announced US data hosting option. U.S. digital agencies and other organizations that are required to store data in-country can now use Umbraco Cloud to build their websites and other digital applications. Starting today, the content management system (CMS) provider will enable U.S. agencies and customers evaluating Umbraco Cloud as their development and hosting platform to choose a U.S. regional hosting option for improved performance and easier compliance with stringent data policies and privacy requirements.

Until now, the Umbraco Cloud development and hosting service has been located exclusively in Europe, close to Umbraco headquarters in Odense, Denmark. This hosting option has been used by more than 1500 international solution partners implementing Umbraco projects, with more than 200 of those partners in the U.S. alone.

Umbraco Cloud is a one-stop shop for Umbraco development and hosting with the open-source .NET CMS Core. All Umbraco Cloud projects are hosted on Microsoft Azure. The U.S. data center is located in Virginia. Umbraco Cloud offers a managed hosting infrastructure that actively monitors the service at all times (24/7), so agencies and customers can focus on developing their projects on Umbraco CMS.