CrafterCMS, and open-source Git-based headless CMS for enterprises, announced the general availability release of its version 4. The new release includes three major new capabilities: 1) a brand new Experience Builder for composing digital experiences from reusable plug-ins and components, and for true in-context editing and preview that supports all front-end technologies and any digital channels, 2) a brand new Crafter Studio content authoring application, built in React on top of CrafterCMS’s API-first headless content authoring platform, that is faster and enables content teams to create, edit, review, and publish more productively than before, and 3) a brand new plug-in framework and expanded marketplace that allows developers to build and easily maintain reusable components and back-end integrations.

Plug-ins may be used by administrators to compose tailored authoring experiences for a variety of content management use cases, and by content creators to compose digital experiences for end users. CrafterCMS v4.0 also improves on its Git-based content repository and support for DevContentOps processes that enable frictionless collaboration between content authors, developers and operations.

CrafterCMS version 4.0 community edition is available under the GPL v3 open source license, and the enterprise edition is available through the CrafterCMS customer support portal.