Algolia, an API-First Search & Discovery platform, unveiled additional AI (artificial intelligence) models and capabilities in its Recommend Spring Release 2022. Algolia Recommend introduces AI models powered by behavioral insights. When coupled with Algolia’s fast indexing capabilities, customers are able to immediately put their most relevant and up to date content into motion for end-users. From a single dashboard, merchandisers, digital content managers, or digital business leaders can choose the model that is right for them, deploy it, and track the results. The release includes:

  • Popular Trends – AI models that detects emerging trends based on users’ behavioral data as they interact with various brands, categories of products and content, and topics of interest.
  • Business Rules – Low-code/no-code functionality for controlling AI and activating unique business strategies. This provides greater flexibility for category merchandisers, online retail strategists, and content specialists to generate new recommendations.
  • Hybrid Recommend Engine – This is a combination of collaborative filtering algorithms and content-based filtering algorithms to increase the relevancy and accuracy of recommendations. Recommendations can be presented to users as the content-based data is indexed. Availability of behavioral information either at this initial stage or later can further help fine-tune and enrich the quality of recommendations.