This week we feature articles from Ben Thompson and Jesus Rodriguez.

Additional reading comes from Pete Warden, Rand Fishkin, and Nature.

News comes from Adobe, dbt & Databricks, MongoDB & Google Cloud, Yext, and HeartCore.

Opinion / Analysis

Back to the future of Twitter

Ben Thompson has a proposal for Elon Musk, or anyone else willing to take the company private, on what to do with Twitter’s business model that is definitely worth a read. It is one of his weekly posts so not behind his paywall.

If you are familiar with the Bluesky project initially funded by Twitter, and now a separate organization, you might wonder why Thompson didn’t mention it. In response to a question on Twitter on how it differed he said his “proposal is much more technically feasible”. Maybe, maybe not, but his business case is more developed. (10 min)

The paper that can change the foundations of all blockchain cryptography

The foundation of cryptographic techniques used in L1 and L2 blockchains is premised on the existence of one-way-functions. If a one-way-function exists for a given problem, then its cryptographically secured and, if not, its likely to be vulnerable to different attacks. However, so far it has been nearly impossible to prove the existence of one-way-functions. In their paper, researchers from Cornell University found an answer drawing parallels to an obscure area of computer science.

The math behind the paper is well beyond me, but Rodriguez provides an easily digestible description of why this is important (4 min).

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Content technology news

Adobe introduces for Creative Cloud

With for Creative Cloud, video editors and key project stakeholders are able to collaborate seamlessly in the cloud.

dbt Labs announces availability on Databricks Partner Connect

Databricks users will now be able to get started with dbt Cloud from directly within the Databricks interface.

MongoDB announces pay-as-you-go on Google Cloud

Google console integration will simplify discoverability, subscription, onboarding, and management of MongoDB Atlas when running on Google Cloud.

Yext updates platform

Updated functions include the Nebula algorithm, posting modernization, search merchandiser, connectors, listings, and navigation.

HeartCore upgrades content management system

New CMS version allows for centralized headless distribution of diversified content management and delivery (including PIM and DAM).

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