Digital asset management (DAM) platform vendor Bynder has acquired GatherContent, a content operations platform, to expand its footprint in the digital ecosystem and provide a comprehensive platform for delivering content that creates powerful digital experiences. With the acquisition of GatherContent, Bynder will add collaborative workflow and editorial processes for content creation capabilities to its centralized platform to help teams across industries manage the entire content creation lifecycle, from visual production, through text creation into approved structured content ready for distribution to all channels across an omnichannel strategy.

GatherContent helps stakeholders across the process make sure content gets created, reviewed, and approved as quickly as possible. Uniting GatherContent and Bynder DAM removes the silos between content operations and DAM and offers marketers:

  • A centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content combining text and digital assets
  • The ability to use templates and reusable components to scale up production of text content
  • Custom workflows, allowing teams to maintain confidence in the quality of content as they scale up
  • The capability to deliver content towards all channels used for your customer experience

GatherContent will be a standalone product within the Bynder product portfolio as GatherContent by Bynder.