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This week we feature articles from Dan McCreary, and Bill Franks.

Additional reading is from The Markup’s Citizen Browser, the IAB, The Gradient, and the Neo4j Developer Blog.

News comes from Translations.com & Amplience, Reveille, Bridgeline, and InfluxData.

Opinion / Analysis

A Thousand Brains and the EKG. How shape detection drives classification

Dan McCreary is an excellent resource for learning about enterprise knowledge graphs, especially for complex applications. This article was inspired by Jeff Hawkins’ book, A Thousand BrainsMcCreary sees parts of Hawkins’ brain theory as an enlightening way to think about the future of enterprise knowledge graph architectures and capabilities. The book looks like a must-read for anyone interested in brain theory — I’ve just started it — but you don’t need to read the book to understand McCreary’s ideas about EKGs.


A major barrier to scalable analytics

In this short article, Bill Franks cautions against neglecting to adequately consider the costs of moving data around, which remain significant in spite of all the improvements in data management tools.

This challenge exists with traditional relational data warehouses and data marts. It also exists in the more recent NoSQL and file-based data repositories. Most critically, the challenge doesn’t go away with cloud architectures in general, or with newer paradigms like a data mesh or data fabric. While some of the newer approaches make the management of the disparate data sources more seamless to a user and easier for administrators, the fundamental problem of having to move data is still there. It’s just easier to ask for it to happen. Hybrid cloud environments can be particularly problematic in this respect.


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Provides for an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process.

Reveille 10 adds support for Hyland OnBase and Alfresco

Intelligent automation capabilities with expanded support for Microsoft Power Automate and Microsoft Power BI, and OpenText.

Bridgeline announces suite for multi-location businesses

Specialized software for managing multiple websites including location pages, local eCommerce, location finder, search, reporting, analytics.

InfluxData releases new features

InfluxDB will help expedite IoT and Industrial IoT application building for developers working with time series data at the edge.

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