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Day: February 2, 2022

Franz’s Gruff 8.1 brings visual knowledge graphs to web applications

Franz Inc., supplier of graph database technology for entity-event knowledge graph solutions, announced Gruff 8.1, a knowledge graph visualization software tool that can be embedded in any web page or web application. Users can now visually build queries and visualize connections between enterprise data directly within a web page or web application, enabling a simple and seamless knowledge discovery experience.

Gruff, available as a browser-based application or pre-integrated into AllegroGraph, is a no-code visual query application that enables users to create visual Knowledge Graphs that display data relationships in views driven by the user. Gruff’s visual query builder empowers both novice and expert users to create simple to complex queries without writing code. The ‘Time Machine’ function within Gruff gives users the capability to explore temporal context and connections within data. Visualizations can be customized to fit a specific user experience, data relationships, or business requirements.

Special dialogs appear in Gruff 8.1 when saving or loading a SPARQL query, graphical query, or layout. The dialog shows descriptive information about each file and allows the user to filter the list of choices in various ways to make it easier to locate the desired file.

Gilbane Advisor 2-2-22 — Block protocol, structured data, NLP, KGs

Happy Groundhog Day!

This week we have articles from Joel Spolsky and Tomaz Bratanic. News comes from Cambridge Semantics, Box & Microsoft, Google, and & ServiceNow.

Opinion / Analysis

Making the web better. With blocks!

You’ve probably seen web editors based on the idea of blocks… This kind of “insert block” user interface concept is showing up in almost every blogging tool, web editor, note-taking app, and content management system. People like it and it makes sense… I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if blocks were interchangeable and reusable across the web?

Joel Spolsky wants to create a new “block protocol” for developers that makes this possible, and he is looking for help. What makes this interesting is the use of structured data. Once you’ve read his short description check out this for answers to many of the questions you’ll have.

Monitoring the cryptocurrency space with NLP and knowledge graphs

Every day, millions of articles and papers are published. While there is a lot of knowledge hidden in those articles, it is virtually impossible to read all of them. Even if you only focus on a specific domain, it is still hard to find all relevant articles and read them to get valuable insights… In this blog post, I will present a solution of how you can combine the power of NLP with knowledge graphs to extract valuable insights from relevant articles automatically.

There are multiple use-cases where this solution would be applicable. For example, you could create a business monitoring tool to survey what the internet says about your own company…

Tomaz Bratanic’s tutorial uses crypto as an example of his solution using Diffbot and Neo4j.

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Content technology news

Cambridge Semantics updates Anzo

To make it easier to create knowledge graphs codeless capabilities for discovering, analyzing, and connecting your enterprise data.

Box enhances integration with Microsoft Teams

Integration can reduce content fragmentation and make it easier to collaborate across the Box Content Cloud and Microsoft environments.

Google Topics replaces FloC

Topics was informed by our learning and widespread community feedback from our earlier FLoC trials, and replaces our FLoC proposal. updates ServiceNow integration

Extended localization and workflow automation provides users with a solution for managing global enterprise content with minimal effort.

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