Ceros, a cloud-based, no-code design platform for interactive content, announced its acquisition of online visual feedback tool Oroson to accelerate its mission of empowering creativity and collaboration. The acquisition will add new functionality to Ceros’ own feedback collaboration tool, MarkUp. Available as a free subscription, MarkUp allows users to upload any website, image or PDF and share it across an organization for others to provide, review and resolve comments directly on the content itself. With the acquisition of Oroson, MarkUp users will be able to upload video and audio files and provide feedback — frame by frame — without the need to share individual files back and forth among teams. The new feature is expected to be available this summer.

Based in Northern Ireland, Oroson was founded eight years ago by Daniel McGlade, CEO, and Richard Davidson, CTO, who together have nearly five decades of experience in software development and deep market insights into meeting the needs of creative teams who need to easily review and provide clear feedback on digital content. In his new role with MarkUp, McGlade will lead growth and revenue. Davidson will transition into the role of principal engineer for MarkUp.