SnapLogic announced new capabilities to its Intelligent Integration Platform. The updates and enhancements enable users across the organization to embrace self-service development, integration, and automation, to improve speed, efficiency, and productivity gains.

The latest improvements include self-service for API consumers, to enable organizations to build applications and microservices faster and manage their API ecosystem more efficiently with upcoming support for third party APIs; the ability to build data products faster and accelerate analytics projects with enhanced support for data warehouse tools; and added features for SnapLogic Flows, the company’s self-service user interface for non-technical business users. To provide the functionality needed to make this process easy for all users, SnapLogic is adding pipeline extensions, and new connections to sales and marketing endpoints such as Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Customers who use Google BigQuery can now leverage SnapLogic’s visual ELT (extract, load, and transform) capabilities to push down transformations to their cloud data warehouse. Data engineers won’t have to write complex SQLs to transform data. Enhanced Snap Packs for Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Snowflake have been added.