WP Engine, a WordPress technology company, announced the launch of Atlas Content Modeler (ACM), a free WordPress plugin to create custom post types and fields for headless WordPress sites. ACM integrates seamlessly with WPGraphQL, replacing the need for three separate plugins required to create content models for headless sites. Custom content modeling is a critical task for every enterprise WordPress project, however WordPress doesn’t have this feature as part of its core content management system (CMS). ACM makes the creation of custom content models easier:

  • 3 tools in 1 – Create custom post types and fields in WordPress, and integrate it with WPGraphQL for headless projects in a single package.
  • Easy to use – The plugin is intuitive enough to use right away.
  • Advanced fields, by default – Developers can create schemas that include Rich Text, Media, Numbers, Dates, Boolean and Relationship data fields.
  • Define relationships between content models – ACM comes with the ability to define relationships between content models, which adds both structure and meaning to content.
  • Create custom taxonomies – With ACM, developers can define taxonomies that help their content producers organize their content in a flexible manner.
  • Easy-to-use publisher experience – ACM automatically creates edit screens for publishing structured content immediately.