This week we have articles from Kendall Clark and Timothy Prickett Morgan. News comes from Umbraco, Elastic, Brightspot, Optimizely, ServiceNow and Microsoft.

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Opinion / Analysis

Why the big three can’t win the hybrid multicloud game

Data integration is not solved by AWS, Azure, or Google cloud platforms. Though each have been building partnerships with third party data management tools, it is not in their interest to work together, or to tempt regulatory reaction. So how do enterprises address this problem, and the dreaded repatriation costs? Kendall Clark (founder and CEO of Stardog) doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but delivers a dose of reality. Also see The cost of cloud, a trillion dollar paradox.

The endless pursuit of scale at LinkedIn

Switching software stacks is incredibly complex and costly, but keeping up with scaling needs can’t be avoided given never-ending data growth. Timothy Prickett Morgan provides a peek at how LinkedIn has been dealing with this balancing act. Not all of you have exabyte size data stores as they do, but nonetheless may find this a fascinating (I know, a strange word choice) read as I did. There is also a bonus link describing LinkedIn’s knowledge graph.

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Content technology news

Umbraco moves content management system to .NET 5

Umbraco 9 is a complete update of the CMS’ technology stack, from .NET Framework to .NET 5 (previously known as .NET Core).

Elastic announces Enterprise Search 7.15 with App Search web crawler

Including general availability of the native Elastic App Search web crawler and new personalization capabilities in Elastic Workplace Search.

Brightspot launches partner program

Developed for solution partners and digital agencies and consultancies that are looking to deliver and execute on CMS projects.

Optimizely’s data core service to strengthen digital experience platform

To enhance its digital experience platform (DXP) with deeper analytics and unified data insights across its suite of products.

ServiceNow expands Microsoft partnership with new collaborative app in Teams

The new collaborative app for its Employee Center integrates with Teams to streamline employee experiences in hybrid work environments.

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