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Day: August 25, 2021 launches Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex announced the launch of Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex for Otter Business Plan users. After an initial one-time user permission, Otter Assistant automatically joins calendared meetings to record, take notes, and share transcripts with meeting participants so users can focus on collaborating and connecting in meetings knowing Otter is automatically transcribing it, or they can skip meetings altogether and catch up on notes afterward.

Otter Assistant does not require a complicated setup process, seamlessly integrating with the user’s calendar so that it joins meetings on time even if you’re running late or can’t make the meeting. During the meeting, it will generate real-time, secure, shareable, and searchable notes and audio recordings with industry-leading accuracy. Users can highlight, add images, comments or questions, search by keywords or name, and review the transcript and audio during and after the meeting, empowering professionals to be more productive and engaged in meetings without the stress of trying to accurately capture and document information.

Users can access all of their notes, regardless of video conferencing platform, through’s web app or mobile apps on iOS and Android. Otter Business starts at $20 per user per month

Gilbane Advisor 8-25-21 — Bluesky, big data, graphs and hypergraphs

This week we have articles on Twitter Bluesky and beyond graphs to hypergraphs. News comes from Adobe and Frame io, Umbraco and Monterro, Confluent, and Mural.

We’ll be back as usual next Wednesday to provide you with reading for the holiday weekend in the U.S. – if you can’t help yourself. We’ll be on vacation the week after reading other things and communing with all things Atlantic seashore. We’ll probably be back :).

Opinion / Analysis

How big data carried graph theory into new dimensions

Graph databases and knowledge graphs are already advancing our ability to express, navigate, and learn from data. But as computing power and data sets grow, graphs as we know them are not sufficient for keeping up with the full richness and complexity we find. Stephen Ornes explains why, and why hypergraphs are a necessary part of the future.

Don’t panic. You’re not behind the curve. But this article will help you think strategically about current knowledge graph initiatives, and start preparing you for what comes next.

Mike Hughes for Quanta Magazine

Twitter’s decentralized social network project finally has a leader

Twitter announced the Bluesky project in 2019, and the reception was an unsurprising combination of skepticism and cheers. Tim Bray’s reaction included both, and is still a good and relevant read. Last week’s announcement of an official project leader has generated what is probably the most press the project has received since. Not that there hasn’t been some progress — see the Ecosystem Review by the new project lead Jay Graber, published in January. Nonetheless, this is not something imminent. It is however, worthy of contribution and encouragement.

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Content technology news

Adobe to acquire

Brings together Adobe Creative Cloud’s video capabilities with Frame io’s workflow functionality for end-to-end video collaboration.

CMS supplier Umbraco acquired by Monterro

Swedish firm takes majority ownership, bringing knowledge in CMS to help expand Umbraco’s digital experience platform (DXP) worldwide.

Confluent launches Q3 ʼ21 Release

Goes beyond Apache Kafka to deliver a platform for data in motion that is cloud-native, complete, and everywhere.ʼ21-release/

MURAL offers free plan for guided visual collaboration

Includes a free forever digital workspace that includes five murals, unlimited members, and all of MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers features.

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