Text IQ announced the launch of Text IQ for Privacy, an AI solution to enable enterprises to proactively manage personal information, particularly hard-to-find sensitive information which otherwise remains hidden in large unstructured data sets. It automatically identifies and categorizes personal and sensitive information from both structured and unstructured sources, enabling redaction and deduplication before presenting the findings for human review.

Enterprises must manage ever expanding amounts of personal and sensitive data, such as a customer’s financial records, precise geo-location, race, religion, and medical history. Traditional search methods typically fall short when it comes to data containing information such as a person’s religious beliefs and medical history, which can be sensitive when seen in context and hard to identify because it is largely found strewn in unstructured data. Text IQ for Privacy zeroes in on this kind of data by deploying an adaptive AI Brain that incorporates a human-centric Socio-Linguistic Hypergraph. Text IQ for Privacy includes:

  • Data Categorization, to identify sensitive information and eliminate manual data mapping.
  • Discovery & Redaction, to identify personal information and reduce disclosure risk.
  • Data Breach Response, to automatically deduplicate and associate data to entities, and reduce response time.
  • DSAR Fulfillment Automation, to meet request deadlines and reduce manual review.