Quickbase, a no-code platform for operational agility, announced a new partnership with Lucid, a provider of visual collaboration software, allowing anyone to visualize complex ideas and bring them to life. Quickbase and Lucid help eliminate complexity by connecting Lucidchart to the Quickbase platform. Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application within the Lucid visual collaboration suite that empowers teams to clarify complexity and align insights. Ideas structured and developed in Lucidchart can serve as a strong foundation to diagram a Quickbase no-code application, helping collaborate on new ideas and adopt technology-driven solutions to business challenges. Lucid and Quickbase are working together to build cross-platform integrations that will make it possible to transform Lucidchart diagrams into fully operational business applications in Quickbase. More seamless integration helps citizen developers to:

  • Deliver Value Faster: Visualization capabilities allow for clarity and streamlined decision-making, helping accelerate pace of new solutions
  • Collaborate Easier: Visualizing processes, requirements and potential workflows improves communication and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Build Applications Users Love: User feedback is faster and easier to incorporate throughout the application lifecycle