Cambridge Semantics announced a strategic relationship with Point72 to power Point72’s suite of cloud-based compliance applications. Under the agreement, Point72 has licensed Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo, a scalable knowledge graph platform. Anzo offers a broad array of data integration and analytic capabilities including search, business intelligence, and graph analytics.

Anzo’s knowledge graph platform features the embedded, MPP graph engine AnzoGraph. Anzo allows companies to integrate and harmonize data from across their businesses and functions into a single, scalable system while taking advantage of the benefits of knowledge graph technology. The graph can model links and provide users real-time updates of millions of daily events across structured and unstructured data. Using Anzo, Point72’s compliance team will be able to onboard, display, and search data more efficiently.

The collaboration advances the compliance technology at the firm while helping derive insight from the underlying data. This approach, referred to as a data fabric, integrates data across the firm in a reusable way. Along with the platform, Cambridge Semantics provides expert services to assure the success of knowledge graph implementations. ▪︎