Fluree, provider of an immutable semantic graph data platform, announced a technical partnership with Lead Semantics to provide an integrated solution, TextDistil, for enterprise data management teams building semantic-capable, secure data fabrics. A focus for the integrated solution includes regulated industries, with a greater magnitude and scope of requirements needed to prove compliance, including fintech, banking, insurance and the public sector.

Lead Semantics’ natural language processing (NLP) technology, powered by Fluree’s semantic graph database, will help convert unstructured data assets into semantic-capable enterprise knowledge. With TextDistil, Lead Semantics and Fluree are bringing unstructured data into the structured context of businesses’ respective operational transactional worlds with security, traceability, and audit-capabilities provided by Fluree’s immutable ledger. Key benefits:

  • With TextDistil, free text becomes yet another stable source of data with ‘structure’ much like data from a relational database in an enterprise.
  • Fluree’s trusted ledger, with the Fluree technology integration, companies using TextDistil will have secure and provable data, which is audit-friendly and can wrap legal contracts with blockchain-grade traceability.
  • Both follow standards-based data semantics, making them easily integratable. On the output side, TextDistil encodes text into knowledge according to a domain ontology. W3C semantic standards compliant knowledge-facts (RDF triples) are output to be loaded into Fluree Database enabling automatic semantic integration and standard SPARQL querying.

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