DataRobot announced the acquisition of Zepl, a cloud data science and analytics platform. The acquisition will unlock new capabilities within DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform for the world’s most advanced data scientists. Zepl was founded by the creators of Apache Zeppelin, an open source notebook for data and analytics. Zepl provides a self-service data science notebook solution for advanced data scientists to do exploratory, code-centric work in Python, R, and Scala with enterprise-ready features such as collaboration, versioning, and security.

DataRobot will incorporate Zepl as a cloud-native, self-service notebook in its enterprise AI platform to drive productivity, efficiency, and collaboration for multiple personas. This allows for data scientists who prefer to code by allowing them to write their own tasks and custom models extending the out-of-the-box capabilities provided by DataRobot. With the integration of Zepl, business analysts will be able to build models using DataRobot’s automation and then collaborate with their advanced data science colleagues for additional customization if desired, on the same platform. It will also provide a more transparent view of the code behind DataRobot blueprints, further enhancing trust and explainability. In addition to the acquisition, DataRobot also unveiled new platform enhancements, including Composable AI. ▪︎