Today Brave announced the acquisition of Tailcat, the open search engine developed by the team formerly responsible for the privacy search and browser products at Cliqz, a holding of Hubert Burda Media. Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search. Brave Search and the Brave browser constitute independent, privacy-preserving alternative to Google Chrome and Google Search. Brave Search:

  1. is private: it does not track or profile users.
  2. is user-first: Brave serves the user first, not the advertising and data industries.
  3. Brave Search offers choice: We will provide options for ad-free paid search and ad-supported search.
  4. is independent: We will rely on anonymized contributions from the community to improve and refine Brave Search.
  5. is transparent: we will not use secret methods or algorithms to bias results. We will explore multiple community-curated open ranking models to ensure diversity, and prevent algorithmic biases and outright censorship.
  6. is seamless: we will offer integration between the browser and search without compromising privacy, from personalization to instant results as the user types.
  7. is open: we do not believe in walled gardens and, as such, we will offer Brave Search to power other search engines.

Brave will also explore blockchain-based options and new developments, including for e-commerce uses.,