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Day: March 16, 2021

Netlify announces Next.js integration for enterprise teams

Netlify, creator of the modern Jamstack web architecture, announced the ability to auto-detect and install Next.js applications with zero configuration. Netlify is designed for teams to modernize web architecture and workflow without locking in a JavaScript framework. Each team can migrate to Next.js from another framework or choose from a rapidly evolving ecosystem of frameworks such as Angular, 11ty, Nuxt.js, Vue.js and more. Netlify auto-detects the framework and enables support for:

  • Preview mode: Server-side render a live preview of a web app to share, gather feedback and make changes in real-time without requiring a build.
  • Next.js 10: Key elements of Next.js 10 include internationalized routing and React 17 support.
  • Atomic and immutable deploys: Compatibility with incremental static regeneration and server-side rendering techniques.

Capabilities for enterprise teams running Next.js applications.

  • Unified development workflow: Build, test, deploy and manage frontend and serverless code together from a single Git-based workflow.
  • Release management controls: Handle complex web rollouts with build settings and environmental variables tailored to branches, split testing for managed rollouts, and controls to limit publishing to the main branch.
  • Security and compliance: Security features including SOC 2 Type 2 attestation, SAML single sign-on (SSO) support, role-based access control, and two-factor authentication.
  • Self-hosted GitHub and GitLab integration: Use Netlify with enterprise versions of GitHub and GitLab that are often self-hosted. The integration is enabled and managed from the Netlify UI.
  • 24/7/365 production support.

DataRobot 7.0 enhances enterprise AI platform

DataRobot unveiled upgrades to every product in its enterprise AI platform to optimize the value seen through AI deployments and enable better business outcomes with AI. Enhancements include:

  • MLOps remote model challengers, which allow organizations to challenge any production model – no matter where it is running and regardless of the framework or language in which it was built. By analyzing how challenger models perform versus the current champion model on the exact same production data, companies can easily determine which model is best for them now or at any point in history.
  • Choose your own forecast baseline, which lets companies compare the output of their forecasting models with predictions from DataRobot’s Automated Time Series product.
  • Visual AI image augmentation, available through DataRobot AutoML, which creates new training images from a company’s dataset by intelligently replicating and transforming the original images. Organizations can improve the accuracy of their image models while reducing the need to manually capture and label new images.
  • Enhanced prediction preparation. DataRobot’s visual data prep capabilities allow organizations to prepare their data for model training. Customers can use visual data prep to more easily score new data from models already deployed. DataRobot’s Data Prep tools work within platform, enabling companies to secure scored data and prediction explanations from any deployed model for transparency and trusted AI. For addition features see

Contentful releases new Compose + Launch apps

Contentful, a content platform for digital business, announced the release of Contentful Compose + Launch, two apps that together extend Contentful’s native capabilities for content teams. The apps allow content authors, editors and planners to deliver and adapt content independently, without having to rely on more costly developer resources to accomplish these tasks. Compose + Launch also transform a labor-intensive, manual process into one that is more automated, so teams can create, update, reuse and publish content everywhere and deliver it faster across a wide range of channels.

Compose provides digital content teams with an easy-to-use interface to create, manage and edit web pages in a familiar, page-centric model. Launch enhances the ability of content teams to plan and schedule releases. Content pieces can be viewed together, managed as one project and scheduled to publish in a flexible manner. Teams can manage and deliver content as part of large campaigns or new product announcements. And campaign managers can use Launch to plan the release of content from a single destination. Compose + Launch are included at no additional cost in Contentful’s Enterprise tier; customers in the Team tier can use the apps on all their content spaces for $1,995 a month.

Datadobi supports file data protection on Microsoft Azure Blob

Datadobi, provider of unstructured data management software, announced it has added support for Azure Blob storage in DobiProtect 5.11, enabling customers to protect their data from any NAS or cloud filesystem to Microsoft’s cloud-based object storage solution. As unstructured data continues to grow rapidly, Datadobi allows enterprises to protect against cyberthreats, ransomware, accidental deletions, and software vulnerabilities with a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution. Azure Blob storage is a massively scalable and secure object storage service for data lakes, archives, cloud-native workloads, analytics, and machine learning. Using Datadobi, organizations can now maintain protection copies of their file data in Azure Blob Storage.

eccenca and Aarth to help enterprises manage semantic data

Aarth Software, a digital transformation company, is partnering with eccenca as a solution provider for semantic data management. Aarth is committed to mature an organization’s understanding of data and transform decision making with meaningful insights. They will use the semantic data management platform solution by eccenca in projects where customers strive for better data quality and process understanding to leverage automation and artificial intelligence solutions.

The knowledge graph platform software enables the comprehensive management of enterprise data and its related processes, rules, constraints, capabilities and configurations in a single application. By this eccenca provides an enterprise-ready solution for limitless data integration and preparation. Both capabilities are the foundation to establish and automate advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence applications in businesses. By making enterprise data both machine-readable and human-interpretable, enterprises are enabled to drive agility, autonomy and automation without disrupting existing IT infrastructures.

eccenca will become an integral part of Aarth’s project consultancy strategy to lift enterprise data from its silos and make it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable throughout the organization. Aarth will provide data utilization capabilities for business driven strategic use cases. ▪︎

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