Contentful, a content platform for digital business, announced the release of Contentful Compose + Launch, two apps that together extend Contentful’s native capabilities for content teams. The apps allow content authors, editors and planners to deliver and adapt content independently, without having to rely on more costly developer resources to accomplish these tasks. Compose + Launch also transform a labor-intensive, manual process into one that is more automated, so teams can create, update, reuse and publish content everywhere and deliver it faster across a wide range of channels.

Compose provides digital content teams with an easy-to-use interface to create, manage and edit web pages in a familiar, page-centric model. Launch enhances the ability of content teams to plan and schedule releases. Content pieces can be viewed together, managed as one project and scheduled to publish in a flexible manner. Teams can manage and deliver content as part of large campaigns or new product announcements. And campaign managers can use Launch to plan the release of content from a single destination. Compose + Launch are included at no additional cost in Contentful’s Enterprise tier; customers in the Team tier can use the apps on all their content spaces for $1,995 a month.