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Day: January 13, 2021

X1 launches Social Discovery On-Demand

X1, announced the availability of X1 Social Discovery On-Demand, a solution for the outsourced preservation and collection of social media data and website content. Full metadata collections and PDF reports from the X1 Social Discovery software can now be had within hours by corporate clients, law firms, investigators, law enforcement and government entities, with no hardware, software, staff investment or training required. Unlike other types of information, social media data can be challenging to preserve and collect due to constant changes in the underlying social media platforms themselves. Preserving and collecting social media information has become increasingly difficult, especially all-important ‘metadata’ which can corroborate or dispute key claims or defenses made in court.

With X1 Social Discovery On-Demand, organizations can begin receiving forensically collected social media and website data within hours of a request being made. Customers of X1 Social Discovery On-Demand simply contact X1 to initiate the preservation and collection for them with X1 returning to the customer a PDF and/or load file output. Customers are able to take advantage of this end-to-end solution provided by X1 in a secure cloud instance of X1 Social Discovery On-Demand. X1 can accommodate credentialed or non-credentialed collections.

Oracle releases Oracle Database 21c

Oracle announced that Oracle Database 21c is available on Oracle Cloud, including the Always Free tier of Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle Database 21c contains more than 200 new capabilities, including immutable blockchain tables, In-Database JavaScript, native JSON binary data type, AutoML for in-database machine learning (ML), and persistent memory store, as well as enhancements for in-memory, graph processing performance, sharding, multitenant, and security. Oracle Database 21c provides support for multi-model, multi-workload, and multi-tenant requirements within a single, converged database engine.

In addition, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle APEX (Application Express) Application Development, a new low-code service for developing and deploying data-driven enterprise applications quickly and easily. The browser-based, low-code cloud service enables developers to create modern web apps for desktops and mobile devices using an intuitive graphical interface.

Oracle Database 21c is the database engine that powers Oracle database services in the cloud and on-premises, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata Database Service, Oracle Exadata Database Cloud@Customer, and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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