X1 Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of X1 Enterprise Edition, an enterprise desktop search solution fine-tuned to help business users access and act upon the information they need, no matter where it resides in the organization. X1 Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive view of both user-managed and corporate-managed information assets. This “IT-managed” software solution preserves control and security of data, allowing end users to find information within the purview of existing company privacy and security policies. X1 Enterprise Edition combines the X1 Desktop Search interface with integrated network content connectors. X1 Content Connectors enable users to interact with the core functionality of underlying applications, such as finding data in shared file folders, email messages, attachments, and contacts from both locally cached and server-hosted email systems, including Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Qualcomm Eudora, Netscape Mail, and Lotus Notes/Domino. With X1 Enterprise Edition, users can preview search results even if the original application doesn’t reside on their computer. Now available, X1 Enterprise Edition starts at $7,500 per year, which includes the Enterprise Server, Server Manager, Content Connectors, Deployment Manager, and the ability to support thousands of desktop, browser-based, or mobile clients. All customer support and version upgrades are included in the subscription fee. X1 Enterprise Edition provides centralized server deployment options with a browser-based client, supports more than 370 types of files, and is compatible with many email systems. System requirements include Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2000, or XP and 512 MB of RAM. http://www.x1.com