X1 Technologies, Inc. announced the immediate availability of X1 Workgroup Edition, an enterprise search solution targeted for small and medium-sized companies. X1 Workgroup Edition employs the same solution for information search and delivery as X1 Enterprise Edition but is scaled for smaller server environments. It combines the user interface from the X1 Desktop Search solution with workgroup-specific network content components and permits business users to search, preview, and act upon data, no matter where it resides in the corporation.
Based on the X1 desktop search solution, X1 Workgroup Edition locally indexes PC desktop content and integrates it with indexed server content for searching, viewing, and acting on information, including current and archived data. X1 Workgroup Edition is available for single-server installations of less than 200 seats, with no limit on the number of documents indexed. X1 Workgroup Edition starts at $5,000 which includes the desktop client, content connector for files, workgroup server, deployment manager, server manager, customer support and version upgrades. http://www.x1.com