X1 Technologies announced the availability of the newest release of the X1 platform, X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5. This release features a number of new developments including: the new X1 Cluster Manager, which allows IT administrators to remotely install and manage X1 servers, as well as providing central management capabilities for deploying large scale systems; a new Content Connector for Interwoven that searches on data residing in Worksite 8.0; and new X1 SDKs for extending the X1 platform to existing system and business processes. The X1 Enterprise Client gives the user a single unified view of all applications and data that resides on the desktop and the corporate network. The X1 Content Connector for Interwoven connects to the Interwoven WorkSite 8.0 data repository and federates the results with local and server-based content. The user can perform common Worksite 8.0 functions such as “open,” “check-in,” and “check-out,” and send documents within the X1 interface. X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5 starts at $15,000 per year, which includes the X1 Enterprise Server, Cluster Manager, Content Connectors and Deployment Manager which supports desktop, browser-based or mobile clients. Customer support and all version upgrades are included in the subscription fee. System requirements include Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory / Windows Server 2000 SP4 with Internet Information Services 5 and Active Directory, 1 GB RAM and 20GB free hard disk. http://www.x1.com