X1 Technologies announced the availability of the X1 Content Connector for Interwoven WorkSite. Now users of X1 Enterprise Edition have a pre-built connector to the Interwoven WorkSite 8 document management repository, enabling a unified presentation of search results across both local and server-based content upon which users can immediately act. Through the new X1 Content Connector, the client interface provides access to WorkSite document management functionality, including “open,” “check-in,” “check-out” and “send” features. X1 Enterprise Edition aligns with existing Interwoven security schemes and provides schedule-based indexing, so that users can take action on the search results. Law firms can now expand their enterprise desktop search capabilities to include designated repository systems, such as WorkSite 8, enabling their users to quickly produce information that may be relevant for a civil or criminal case. http://www.x1.com