Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. announced the release of “Business Efficiency Solution by Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI.” It combines Hitachi and Allganize’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide business automation solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), NLP and cognitive agents. Allganize’s AI technology is able to extract structured knowledge from millions of documents and other content sources. Hitachi’s “Katsubun Intellectual Information Mining” provides a set of tools and techniques to identify specific ways to improve business operations. The solution features:

  • Katsubun Intellectual Information Mining analyzes clients’ operational processes and enables them to identify bottlenecks for process improvement.
  • Alli AnswerBot streamlines customer service and automates business processes.
  • Cognitive Search enriches and extracts structured knowledge from unstructured data sources to make content more searchable.
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER) locates and classifies named entities such as brand names, people, product names, purchase order and account information from unstructured data sources.
  • Review Analysis automatically converts opinions such as user feedback and reviews into measurable data for analysis.
  • Text Classification assigns custom predefined categories to free-text for managing content.
  • Sentiment Analysis, emotional AI that categorizes text by emotional state such as happy, angry or sad.,