Voodle released the Voodle asynchronous short video app for business, built to help teams overcome the challenges of the new workplace by transforming the way information is shared and discovered across an organization now includes a free stand-alone web application and includes support for both iOS and Android, allowing colleagues to easily record and share important moments from anywhere they work. With the click of a mouse or tap of the finger, short videos can be recorded and shared with coworkers across the Voodle platform – or to other business applications, like Slack, Salesforce and Hubspot. Recording from a webcam is as straightforward and simple as using the app. Create a Voodle from any page in the web app, add a description including hashtags for easy search and discoverability, and post it to a channel for the team to watch. To get started using Voodle. Download the Voodle app on a phone or desktop, create a team – and then make and share voodles with colleagues, teams, or your entire organization.