ThoughtSpot launched ThoughtSpot 6.2 to help enterprises connect, share, and utilize insights faster. New features include DataFlow, Embrace for SAP and Teradata, and improvements in user experience, data exploration, and data loading. ThoughtSpot’s search and AI-driven analytics platform was designed to unlock insights for employees at every level of an organization, from frontline employee to C-suite executive. Features include:

  • Answer Explorer 2.0: Leverages AI to guide users to unasked questions and new insights for which they would not have thought to look, automatically curating suggestions, recommended additional searches, and unexpected anomalies or trends insights directly in a pinboards, charts, and answers. Built in machine learning continuously improves Answer Explorer, tailoring insights for users.
  • DataFlow: DataFlow makes it easier to bring data into Falcon, ThoughtSpot’s in-memory database, through a no code point and click UX, enabling enterprises to utilize search and AI-driven analytics even for data sources too slow to run search queries directly.
  • Embrace Expansions: ThoughtSpot Embrace is now available for both Teradata and SAP HANA, allows users to run search and AI-driven analytic inquiries directly in these databases without the need to move or cache any data. Improved user experience makes it to connect Embrace directly to Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure Synapse, SAP HANA, and Teradata.
  • API-Powered Bulk Load Connector: A new API-based feature enables the smooth and secure transfer of data to Falcon, ThoughtSpot’s in-memory database, by allowing users to load data in bulk from ETL tools and custom programs.
  • Caffeine for Advanced Data Caching: Caffeine gives users the freedom to choose which pinboards are pre-cached and when, allowing them to optimize the performance of the most important pinboards.
  • Scriptability Support for Worksheet Filters: Worksheets with filters can be exported and imported to the same environment or between environments.
  • Improved Visualizations: ThoughtSpot’s high cardinality charts now accommodate up to 35,000 data values, an increase from 1,000 previously. The high cardinality chart legend limit has also increased from 40 items to 250 items, giving pinboard creators the ability to display much richer data for their users.
  • Data Compression: New in-memory data compression makes it possible to leverage more data without increasing storage, reducing costs as organizations scale their data footprint.

Current ThoughtSpot customers will have access to ThoughtSpot 6.2 today.