Allego unveiled Allego 6, the newest version of its learning and enablement platform, which features a user interface refresh that makes it easier for distributed teams to learn critical skills, find the right content at the moment it’s needed, and collaborate more effectively with their peers. The redesigned platform is now an all-in-one solution that makes Allego’s features for learning, content, collaboration, and coaching easier to harness. Enhancements include:

The Lumin Design System debuts in Allego 6 and makes it easier to learn, find sales and time-critical content, and collaborate.

Content Management for sales and marketing collateral, organized in content folders and “channels,” including storing, searching, sharing and usage analytics on presentations, PDFs, videos, office documents, across devices.

Content Enrichment and Personalizations for sellers to customize content for their selling situation by creating videos, embedding messages, questions, calendar links, and visitor forms.

Integrated Training allows enablement teams to produce and link training content to sales content.

Social Stats and Content Analytics show users which content is generating the most engagement and direct them to new beneficial content.

AI Recommendation Feed can now automatically serve up relevant content based on complex relationships between user, peer, and content.

NPS surveys give learning and enablement teams a better understanding of which courses and knowledge assets are effective.

Enhanced CRM contextual recommendations that automatically log seller-shared content and seller call behaviors into an organization’s CRM platform.

Modern Learning Record Store (MLRS) gives organizations xAPI compatibility for traditional and modern learning activities like mandatory compliance training, as well as self-directed learning, coaching, informal and peer knowledge sharing.

User and Course Details Dashboard Enhancements expands on analytics that let managers and administrators access and export information on a particular user, group, sets of content, or courses to easily monitor usage and learning progress down to the individual component level across teams and individuals.

Survey Results Dashboard makes it easy for managers and trainers to gather team feedback.