Arria NLG, provider of Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology, has announced the release of Arria Connect, which allows companies to embed Arria’s natural language technology into their dashboards and product offerings. Arria Connect puts the integration capabilities into the hands of developers who want to build NLG into their own Business Intelligence (BI) tool, analytics application, website, or process-automation workflow. Arria’s API-based architecture allows for a connection to other technology platforms in two ways:

  1. make a direct API call from any application that can communicate via HTTP; data is ingested and narrative is automatically returned; or,
  2. use the Arria Connect Integration Accelerator Kit to embed NLG inside software platforms for incorporating narrative. Users also have the ability to work with Arria’s prebuilt NLG solutions and configure them.

Developers with no NLG experience can leverage Arria Connect’s prebuilt libraries for integration rather than building from scratch. In addition to Arria’s prebuilt NLG solutions, Arria Connect also comes with a sample NLG implementation, sample code, and a complete documentation set.