Clarifai announced Clarifai Labeler, a new way of labeling unstructured image, video and text data in its AI platform. Clarifai has built one integrated tool for managing data annotation projects of any size. Labeler integrates within Clarifai’s platform so that users can manage the whole AI lifecycle in one place: labeling datasets, searching data using AI, training AI models and auto-scaling models in production.

Clarifai Labeler offers AI-assisted automation to prefill labels and speed up project completion. Using task management features designed for large human-in-the loop workforces, it’s easier to assign labeling tasks to a distributed group and gain transparency into annotators’ work.

For enterprises looking for additional help increasing productivity, Clarifai now offers a fully managed data labeling service. Expert annotators, assisted by AI-automated tools, help companies reduce the complexities of managing labeling workforces.